On board a bus named Priscilla, the characters go on a trip through the Australian Desert looking for love and friendship, finding more than they could ever imagined! A captivating musical with more than 500 stage costumes, an hilarious script and a timeless soundtrack with 25 global successes, like “I will survive”; “Finally”; “It’s raining men” and “Go west”. Priscilla Queen of The Desert the Musical is the most successful Australian musical of all time, seen by more than 6 million viewers. A successful musical in Italy too, with 350000 viewers.



In Spanish and Italian theatres 2021/2022
Following the success in Broadway and London, the musical Legally Blonde finally comes in Italy, a eulogy to women’s power. Based on the beloved movie, Legally Blonde presents the transformation acted by the main character Elle Woods while she faces stereotypes, sexism, snobbery and scandals following her dreams, showing to the whole world that it is possible to be smart and blonde at the same time. Elle Woods thinks to have everything she desires until her life is turned upside down after being dumped by the boyfriend, who plans to go to the Harvard law school. Resolute to have him back, Elle uses her charm and intellect to be admitted to Harvard. The school experience starts with endless fights and challenges, although, thanks to her new friends, she understands quickly her potential and her true power, thus deciding to face the world and showing that people must always believe in theirselves. This contemporary and brassy musical follows a dizzying rhythm driven by unforgettable songs and explosive dances. Legally Blond warms the heart demonstrating that the self-discovering never goes out of style! Blonde Elle Woods is ready to show who’s in charge!


GHOST - The Musical

Musical based on the homonymous movie “Ghost” by Paramount, unforgettable success dated 1990 and winner of two Oscar prizes (Whoopi Goldberg as Best Actress in Supporting Role and Bruce Joel Rubin as Best Original Screenplay). In the memory survives the Whoopi Goldberg’s amazing sympathy and the love story between Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore in the famous scene with the clay vessel, listening Unchained Melody. Was the Oscar winner Bruce Joel Rubin the one who decided in 2011 to adapt the movie script for the theatrical adaptation, collaborating with Dave Stewart (Eurythmics) and Glen Ballard for music and lyrics.


50 SHADES - The Musical Parody

Bev, Carol and Pam, three suburban desperate housewives, organize an occasional reading club, that makes them find interest in a particular book that stimulates their most hidden fantasies. Through the reading they get involved in Anastasia Steele’s incredible adventures. This young and naive student feels the influence by the sensual, eccentric and vicious rich man Christian Grey, discoverer and lover of unconventional sexual experiences.


HAIR - Let the sunshine in

A cult that tells about the story of a group formed by young activists living in New York in 1968, trying to keep in their lives a balance between new values, promoted by the sexual revolution, and the rebellion against the Vietnam conflict and the old conservative society represented by their parents. A soundtrack made by unforgettable successes, famous all around the world, such as “Aquarius”, “Donna” and “Let the Sun shine in”.


MADAGASCAR - A Musical Adventure

In Spanish and Italian theatres 2021/2022
The characters from the amazing top-grossing success by DreamWorks become the heart of a brilliant and exuberant musical: Alex the Lion, Marty the Zebra, Melman the Giraffe and Gloria the Hippopotamus are superstars in the New York zoo. Sharing a wonderful friendship, one night they discover that one of them is missing seeing his cage empty, so decide to go find him. Being stuck on a ship navigating towards the African continent hijacked by a group of freaky penguins, whose plan was to use it in order to reach Antarctica, the four friends have to learn how is living in the wild nature, after a life spent in captivity. An unexpected journey will bring them through the crazy and wild King Julien’s World, welcomed to the rhythm of “Move move it”. Madagascar is a friendship anthem destined to an every age public, a trip through the ocean that will bring the viewer from the urban jungle of New York City to the wonderful landscapes that characterizes this African island.



In Spanish and Italian theatres 2021/2022
An amusing adventure, an unforgettable journey through worlds where dreams and fantasy are main topics that design a story, alternating moments of real fun to music, colours, emotions and imaginary characters…an unforgettable experience for everyone, from 0 to 99 years old!


PATITO FEO - The Musical

Following the worldwide success reached by the Argentinian tv series “Patito Feo”, the show “Patito Feo – The World’s Most Beautiful Musical” brings in the Italian theatres the same Argentinian actress in the original tv series: LAURA ESQUIVEL. 500000 tickets sold during the last two tours!



The first Italian show performing on ice and the first Italian production dealing a musical on ice taken to foreign countries. Exceptional testimonial is the extraordinary champion in figure skating CAROLINA KOSTNER, in the role of Carolina.


LODOVICA COMELLO - World Tour 2015

Lodovica World Tour is the first solo tour made by the Italian actress and singer Lodovica Comello to promote her solo albums Universo and Mariposa. Started 1st February 2015 in Rome, reached 18 Italian cities, three in Spain, two in Portugal, one in Belgium, France and Poland.



35 years since its birth, the musical is dedicated to the successful Japanese brand “Hello Kitty”: “Hello Kitty the Show, a modern fairy tale musical”. A worldwide project, with 25 actors and dancers on the stage, chosen in auditions in London, Milan and Paris; impressive and technological scenography; engaging music and tracks that explore the pop genre with contamination of punk, rock, dance, electro music and teen pop melodies.



“A Christmas Carol - The Musical” is an All Entertainment production and a musical accurately based on the novel by Charles Dickens famous all around the world. The show - sung live – will conquer children and families telling them the story about Ebenezer Scrooge, rich and stingy businessman, and about an unusual Christmas Night that will change his life forever. A traditional and touching fairy tale, where sorcery and the encounter with three Christmas spirits (Past, Present and Future) design a background for an unforgettable and emotional show, full of amusing characters and moments of pure entertainment, without neglecting the main message related to the novel. The show is entirely sung and danced live.

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